Arai Plot

An Arai Plot is a simple, yet extremely effective, method for presenting data acquired from absolute paleointensity experiments[1] . In such graphs, the NRM remaining is plotted against the pTRM gained at each temperature step. Given ideal behaviour, the slope of the straight line connecting all (or a segment) of the points is proportional to the intensity of the ancient magnetic field (i.e., BAncient = −Slope × BLab). This is the most frequently used graphical plot for obtaining intensity estimates. Various parameters can be used to quantify the uncertainty and quality of the paleointensity estimate; these are discussed in the Paleointensity Selection section.


  1. ^ Nagata, T., Y. Arai, and K. Momose (1963), Secular variation of the geomagnetic total force during the last 5,000 years, J. Geophys. Res., 68, 5277–5281, doi: .

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