Welcome to MagWiki

MagWiki is a new Wiki-style site that compiles are range of archeomagnetic, geomagnetic, paleomagnetic, and rock magnetic articles specifically for the academic community.


  1. To provide a valuable learning tool for students of magnetism
  2. To be a quick reference tool for those easy to forget numbers and pieces of information

MagWiki is a new tool and is still far from complete, but as the community contributes to this resource we should soon have a valuable tool for Earth scientists. I hope you will all find this useful and contribute to make it as good as it can be.

For those of you interested in helping out please have a look the Getting Started page. We also have a Resources pages, which provides useful links to software, online books, laboratory websites, and more to come. Hopefully soon there will be a "News" page with recent and upcoming events.

Thanks go to Gary Glatzmaier (University of California,Santa Cruz) for providing the image for the MagWiki Logo

Greig A. Paterson - greig.paterson greig.paterson
Administrator of MagWiki